Friday, 10 February 2012

Well...stuff happens

Well things are going ok. I'm coping with life, the universe and everything.
uploading has become a fricking nightmare. For some inexplicable reason all my videos are saving in a massive format and youtube ain't happy about the situation.
It appears i can only upload in 'Crome Incognito' mode, and with an etheral cable plugged into my laptop. if thats what it takes i'll do it!
My recently uploaded video 'Gothmummi: Thoughts on bereavement (RIP the best grandad in the world)', explains a bit of my absence and what i've been feeling.
my videos will probably never be popular. I'm just not that interesting. or that good if we're being honest with ourselves. But as long as i have one subscriber, i'll keep on at it. I love making videos, well, not while i'm making them, but once the finished product is up i'm happy.
I'll be trying to upload videos more regularly now, so i hope everyone keeps watching, and commenting. comments really do mean alot to me, and i try to reply to them all.