Friday, 25 November 2011

Life on Youtube.

Wow. Vlogging is ALOT harder than it looks!!! All those really basic, straight through, no edit videos thats looks simple: Well, they ain't. I'm uploading my third, and probably most important video, ''Why i wear Hijab.''
I wrote out a very 'loose' script, and managed to balance it in front of me so i could remember exactly what points i wanted to make etc.
i made a comment at the beginning, that i said i would elaborate on. about 3/4 through the video, i should've made the point.
i didnt.
i forgot.
oh no...
straight through, one take on a 10 minute video and i had to start the whole thing for the sake of 45 seconds.
and just as i'm finishing up and saying goodbye, the cat climbs on me. he'd been looking at me suspiciously for the whole video, and decided to make his attack right at the end.
so everyone gets to see my open mouthed laugh as a special bonus!
i also filmed another video, another tag i wasn't tagged in. hubby to be had taken the boys out to dinner so i could film undisturbed, so i took advantage of the quiet!
i was going to add an OOTD to this blog but totally forgot to take a picture, so sorry!
i hope everyone enjoyed thanksgiving, and has a fabulous weekend!
laters xxx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

So far, not so good...

Trying to film a video while recovering from flu, not so easy. i am Admant that i'm gonna do this video tonight though, even if it kills me!
part of it is guilt, that i told sister amena that i'd do the video 'this weekend'. that was a month ago almost! I'm sure she has much more important things to worry about, but if i say i'm going to do something i feel like i should do it, i'm that kind of person.

One cheery up thing in a day of not so greatness * there's other things i wont write about* was mspraisegirl1's video, mentioning me. that was really appriciated and much loved that you would take out the time to mention your subscribers :D

so anyway, a new video should be up tomorrow, i'm going to film tonight. forgive me if its not perfect, i'm tired, its 2.25AM and i'm recovering still. 
Hope everyone is well, and i'll see you all soon. xxx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

oh my days..

I have never felt so ill in all my life.
I may have jinxed myself by putting a jokey status on facebook that i was 'dying of death'. i woke up yesterday afternoon actually thinking i was dying. it took me two hours to actually inhale any ventolin, as soon as i breathed in i coughed it straight back out. i had chest pain, a high temperature but was freezing under two duvets, i violently threw up all over my carpet and the pain in my hips and legs was like I'd been hit by a car.
The doctor came out: i have flu. proper flu, not 'i have flu but its actually a bad cold.'  He gave me strong antibiotics and anti sickness tablets. the pain in my legs was so bad and i could even lift my arms up. there really isn't words to describe how ill i felt. i couldn't even cry properly, i didn't even have the energy for tears.

I'm feeling alot better today though. I'm on so much co-codamol, antibiotics and cough syrup I'm barely here but I'm not on deaths door. my chest feels like i've got a band wrapped round it, and my head hurts but by temperature and pain is loads better.

Probably wont blog for a few days now, want to recover properly. But i know i'm getting my flu jab as soon as i'm recovered!!

Love Love And Yaters.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Wedding venue's are better in your brain

The day didn't start fabulously as I woke up with chest pain, hacking cough, headache, sore throat and joint pain. I really didn't want to leave my bed! But after a ridiculous amount of ventolin, cough syrup and Merocaine, ( the absolute BEST throat sweets EVER. they numb your throat so much, I burn my mouth drinking a cup of tea cos I couldn't feel how hot it was), I was feeling slightly more human. I'd already decided I was going to the wedding venue today anyway, even if Stuart had to roll my still warm corpse all the way there. ( We've canceled three times because of my health.)

 The first time I stayed at the hotel was about 5 years ago. I absolutely fell in love with it. I stayed there twice and really loved it both times. The rooms were lovely, the foyer etc was really classy looking, the staff wonderfully helpful and super friendly. It had a really relaxing atmosphere. So the first place I thought for my wedding was this hotel. On booking our initial appointment, I was told they'd undergone a huge re-developmental improvement. So to say I was excited at the prospect of my favourite hotel being Even Better doesn't cover it!

 So we arrive at the hotel in question...Well. 'Underwhelmed' is an understatement. One of my favourite things the hotel offered was a beautiful fountain at the entrance. That's gone, and is now replaced with a big, circular fluffy sofa. The room they showed us for the wedding breakfast was tiny. It looked cramped with only three tables in it, with about 8 chairs around each table. So with 24 people in the room, it would be claustraphobic. The wedding co-ordinator then says that they can get a maximum of 60 people in there! SIXTY! sixty anorexic small people possibly, but no way would 60 regular sized people get in there comfortably.
The absolute worst part for me...the colour. The room was a muddy brown/green colour. My theme is red and black. Who the hell gets married and their colour scheme matches muddy brown?! 
I was seriously disappointed because I was so sure that this hotel was going to be 'THE ONE'.
The evening reception room was about as brilliant as the rest to be honest. It has a private bar, which is nice. The room itself is huge, with a stage, but very dingy, and nothing particularly exciting about it. 
Another thing that struck me as odd. I asked where the disabled toilets were and they looked at each other and said 'oh i dont know!' 
Brilliant. They weren't even sure if there was any. There was as it happens but I didnt look at them. What's the point? I think I'm going to be looking around for somewhere else. I know I wont be happy on the day if I have it at this hotel and this is the only wedding i'm ever planning on having so i want it to be good.

The thing is, I actually feel guilty. the ladies who were showing us around were really helpful and lovely, but i felt such disappointment and anticlimax at every new thing they showed us. I don't think its for me to be honest. I think its going to have to be Stuarts husbandly duty to tell them 'thanks but no thanks', because I'm too much of a wimp to do it myself!

I just hope the next hotel we find can give us what we're looking for, and the date we want.

*** i have purposely not named the hotel, so don't ask me what it is. I don't want to sway other people away from it, and if anyone has had their wedding there and had a lovely day, i'm not about to slate it***