Friday, 17 May 2013

Ted Baker Star Quality Vanity Case Review

So my Auntie bought me the Ted Baker Star Quality Vanity Case for my birthday, ( which is actually in July, but was given early as I may not see her ) and I LOVE it! Absolutely ADORE it!
                                     How pretty is this vanity case?! it has a jewel!

It has Everything a girl could possibly need to feel beautiful! the case it a decent size and very deep, and the best bit...... it has Products inside!

                                    All the beautiful things!    

                     The vanity case is actually so deep, everything can stand up inside it, and the lid still closes!

When I say it has Everything a girl could need, I really do mean EVERYTHING! Here's what you get inside this beautiful gift set:

                    Gorgeous smelling Bath foam and body wash in matching scents to make you smell like the princess you are.

                  Body scrub to slough off those pesky dry and flaky patches and Body souffle to keep dry skin at bay.

                       Body lotion and hand lotion to soften and smooth.

From the minute to step in the bath to the moment you're clean and dry, this gift set has you covered! All the products are matching in scent, so there's no need to worry about a clash of smells. The scent is gorgeous, I can't describe it other than its a grown up, subtle and luxurious smell that really does make you smell and feel so fresh and clean! 
The whole set usually retails at £45, but I've found it on Ebay  for as little as £25 including postage!
I really think its worth the money, its a beautiful set, chock full of gorgeous full sized products, and the case is fantastic, reusable and useful and absolutely stunning!

I'm very grateful that my wonderful Auntie got this for me as a gift, and i really recommend it to all my lovelies and gentlefish, as a gift for birthdays, Eid, Christmas ( never too early to prepare and stock up after all!) or as a treat for yourself! Why not? You deserve it :)

I hope you found this review useful,  click  Here to go to Ebay listings, or simply Google to search in your country :)
I really can't rave enough about this gift set, so I'm going to be doing a video review too! Check out my youtube channel to see when the review is up, and in the mean time, feel free to watch my other videos and maybe subscribe too if you feel so inclined  :)
( i will edit/post a link to the video once its live)

Hope everyone is well, Be Good to Each other.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Lancome hypnose Drama Mascara

I have used many mascaras. hundreds probably. I'm picky. I've been blessed with naturally long, curled lashes, although they are very pale. I never curl them or wear false lashes, although there are still some non believers out there!
I don't know what tempted me to a high end mascara, but whatever it was, I'm thankful for it!

Lancome Hypnose Drama is my all time favourite mascara. In my opinion, it does exactly as it claims. I will often use two mascaras together, with this there is no need.

 The brush is curved, so you have two sides to use. Using the flat side of the brush first, you wiggle it up the length of your lashes to give them volume and body. Turn over and use the curved side to give great structure and separation of each lash. two coats is all you need!

i absolutely ADORE this mascara BUT.....

its £22.
For me, this is a lot to spend on one mascara. But is it worth it?
i really think it is. from the first time I used to to the last, it really finishes off my make up wonderfully. My lashes are the blackest they've ever been from any mascara I've ever used. it does last too, as you only need a couple of coats ( i usually use four.)
                                         ( very bad photo alert may be needed here...:)

this was 2 coats, done very quickly (its 11.30pm) and you can see how pale and almost invisible they are naturally.

I'm really pleased i bought this again, its as good as i remember and I definitely won't go so long with my favourite product ever again!
it should be available in all good beauty supply stores, but Google is your friend, so check out stockists near you!


Friday, 19 April 2013

Racial profiling and the Boston bombing

When I heard about the Boston bombs, I was confused. As is our modern time, I first heard about it on facebook. i looked to Dr. Google for answers.

I found them.

I found them and i cried. i cried real tears of pain, sorrow and loss. I saw the video where people were enjoying a day out, in the sun with their families, maybe some sandwiches to snack on. Then i saw the bomb go off, i saw the people scream, i saw women running, grabbing the hands of their children, I saw men breaking down barriers, flags falling to the ground, to reach the injured. i saw people with injuries so severe that i was certain they werent going to live. it was horrific and heartbreaking


For the people who witness it all up close, where they have physical injuries or not, they will be haunted by the screams of their brothers and sisters for a long time.
I donated $10, it was all i could afford. but i prayed. I prayed for the witnesses, the injured, the amputees, for the families of the 3 people killed, especially the 8 year old little boy, Martin Richards, but i also prayed that the bombers were not Muslim.

why did i do that? why does it matter what religion they are?!

Because the two evil brothers who did this, have just undone 11 years. in the 11 years since 9/11, Muslims have come under attack for every wrong in the world. if they bombers are Muslim, it will open up an old wound. People will say "well! Of course! Islam is a violent religion! they wouldn't be Christian would they?"

The bombers are Muslim. My prayers were not answered. Fox news will have a field day. Those evil, twisted child murdering bastards have just made life harder for millions of people. They have destroyed the lives of the victims, and made victims of all those that hail 'Allahu Akhbar.'

As i type, Boston is in lock down. one of the brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaey, is dead after a shootout where he killed a policeman. He has a wife and three year old child, who's lives he has also destroyed.
The younger brother 
 Dzhokar A. Tsarnaev, is still missing. I predict he will be shot dead. I can't imagine he is going to surrender and go quietly. Maybe this is a blessing. Maybe then the victims can heal.

I've cried my tears, i've sobbed my heart out imagining that it was my children who died.
I've donated what money i can, But my prayers continue.

I just pray for my Muslims brothers and sisters, that the world will see, it was 2 people who set off this bomb. not millions.

Salaam Alaikum.
to donate to the Boston one fund