Thursday, 6 December 2012

Innocence of Muslim- A Gothmummi opinion

If someone had of said to me a badly produced, low budget badly acted 13 minute trailer would cause a world wide up roar, protests, murders and death sentences, I would of said 'only on the internet.'

I watched it, I had to, I had to see what the fuss was about. I was disgusted and could see why people would be deeply offended. But I still didn't understand how something so crap could cause so much trouble! But I am not Muslim, and if it was Jesus of Muhammed pbuh instead, I would of felt the same. But i think Muslims honour their Prophets more than any other religion, and the idea of someone disrespecting such a prominent figure in Islam, is similar to someone disrespecting their own mother.
The film is basically a poorly written, poorly produced steaming pile, designed to cause offence. I think the idiot responsible was hoping  for something like this, instant fame for little work. 

I feel the real victims of this 'film' are the actors and actresses who were unaware of the intention of the film. The actress Lily Dionne has spoken out repeatedly about her horror on discovering the true intent of the production. She is quoted saying she is 'sick and disgusted' and feels 'betrayed' by the films producer. In an interview with CNN, Miss Dionne says she answered an ad on craiglist, for a film about a desert worrior. The main character was called George and it appeared to have no religious or political basis. 
Watching the trailer the first time, I did notice when the actors said Mohammed, their lips said 'George' i have poor hearing so some lip reading abilities and i found that seriously strange, to the point I watched it back twice. Now we know why, the actors had been tricked, and voice overs were used to change the name, the whole plot of the film was a total lie.
The producer went into hiding, leaving the actors, actresses and crew to bear the brunt of the media frenzy. After the protests, violence and deaths at the hand of this film, I think its safe to bet they were fearing for their lives, I know I would of been.
On the other side of the coin, the response to the film shocked and disgusted me as much, if not more, than the film. People completely not involved with this film were killed. The U.S ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other US embassy staff were killed. They had nothing whatsoever to do with this film, in any context. The horrific display of violence bothered me on a personal level.
I spend a lot of my time defending Muslims and Islam. Islam has been a scapegoat and massively misunderstood since the 9/11 tragedy. I'm honestly gobsmacked by come of the comments I see, the things people believe. And i defend. I stand up, I tell the truth as i understand it. Then people take to the streets, lighting fires, blowing things up, fighting, chanting hate speech and it just undoes all the work the average Muslim has done to prove that not all Muslims are terrorists in the same way all Irish people are not real IRA members.

Peaceful protests, petitions, blogs, videos, LOVE, that's the way to show the world 'we are offended by this, here are my reasons why, please support us in getting this thing removed. Imagine it was Jesus depicted in such a manner, by a Muslim producer. please, stand with us.'

In conclusion, I was disgusted by the whole caper. The video AND the reaction to it. I just thank God for the Muslim leaders and public figures condemning the actions of a few. Sadly, the way of the world now, the loudest voices are often negative, the positive speak only in whispers. the negative screams are the ones that are heard, the positive whispers are brushed aside. 
I hope now we can build bridges, and the Muslim community understand that one Coptic Christian does NOT speak for all Christians, and the rest of the world understand that a handful of Muslims is NOT an entire community.

Love and Peace.