Monday, 26 December 2011

Post Christmas bloggity

Hi and salaams
It’s all over!!! Christmas day has gone and it’s back to normal life.
I had a wicked day, was knackered but it was still excellent. The kids got up at 7.30 which was pretty good considering they got up at 5.30 last year I think!
I was very lucky with my presents, I got 2 cupcake maker machines, a Disney princess bowl, dp mug, dp bath confetti, dp bag thingie I’m gonna put my hijab pins in, a dp bin, a box of wine gums, burlesque on dvd ( yes I know, I can’t help it, I love burlesque) a gothic fairy ornament, a soap and glory gift set, which I’ll be reviewing btw, lace nail sticker thingies, a Thornton’s gift voucher, panamas, and slippers, a lush gift, a betty boop calendar and diary ANNND a betty boop on a swing!!!
My mum got it for me and I love it. Every time I’m in my mums house I considering nicking it, so probably in her best interests to just buy me one too tbh.
The kids got some brilliant presents from Santa, they all got loads but oldest ones main ones were a bike and guitar! Middlest one got a digital camera, this weird ‘big hand’ thing and a ‘light strike gun’…I’m still not sure what it does. I’m guessing it lights up.
 Baby got a ‘deluxe’ light up buzz lightyear and Smokey the ridiculously expensive fire engine.
About lunchtime baby went to his dad’s and my fiancĂ©’s daughter came round. And I’ll admit, I was a little jealous. Cos she was wearing a princess Rapunzel dress. And they don’t come in my size…
my wonderful fiancĂ© cooked dinner, which wasn’t turkey cos turkey: is disgusting. We had chicken. And dinner was delicious. Honestly, I’m not just saying that cos he might watch this, it was proper nice. And I am really grateful cos without him, we wouldn’t of had a Christmas dinner, so thanks babe I love you mostly much.
Anyway that was pretty much the day, I feel asleep at about 7 I think. I was up til 6 though and got up at 8 so I think I have an excuse.
But it really was great and the kids enjoyed it loads, which was kinda the name of the game for me.
Anyway i hope everyone who celebrates had a brilliant day, i'll be filming tomorrow, so subscribe to my channel to find out as soon as it pops up!

much love everyone x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

blogger problems

following people on blogger is not as easy as it should be. i've gone onto peoples pages and done it from my dashboard and it still refuses to come up! WHY?! is anyone else having this problem? can anyone else even see this? am i spending all my time writing to myself?
i'm very frustrated. i do enjoy blogging obviously, but at the same time, i wouldn't stress about it so much if i though absolutely no one ever is going to see it.
i'm going to keep trying, and following people anyway. and pray. alot.
anyway, this is a quick update, i'm going to get some lunch and carry on watching toy story 2 with my baby, while i wait for my princess rockz review to finish uploading.
much love. xx

Sunday, 4 December 2011

upload woes and wicked cool socks

well, what a palavar! 
I filmed three videos in one day. i'd spent 3 days feeling awful in bed, and didn't know how long my luck would last, so filmed three one after the other.
the first video took about three attempts, i ran out of battery, my phone went off and i was losing the will to live. finally i filmed my hijab collection and started uploading straight away.
the second video was my underscarves and accessories video. This one, at present has said 51% uploaded for three hours. i think its lying to me to be quite honest. 1/2 my brain is saying 'refresh and start again.' the other half of my brain see's the warning flash up with 'if you navagate away from this page, you will lose your upload.' and says 'NOOOO! DON'T DO IT!'
it has til 4am to change, otherwise i'm restarting it. 
my underscarf video is possibly my most random ramble video ever, bar the one coming soon where i talk rubbish for 3 minutes. *sigh*  i do try not to talk rubbish i promise. but sometimes i lose track of where i am, or a child walks in for absolutely no reason, and i get distracted and forget where i was.

 Onto a far more exciting subject i have wicked cool socks. they are the most wicked cool comfy warmy socks ever made by anyone ever. Their linked with fue, their wool on the outside and have little blobs on the bottom to stop any slippy slidy accidents. you can fold them down, or pull them up for extra toastie warmness. heres a picture:

How excellent are they? honestly, i know your jealous but i'm here to your rescue! their from tesco and their 8 pounds. their actually 3 for 2 atm which is even better obviously. click the purple: heres the linky:
see: how good am i to you: they do international delivers too now, although its probably a bit much to but the from tesco if you live in Canada for example.
anyway thats my blog for the day. i've uploaded one video as i said, and theres another two to come. dont say i never do anything for you.
much love and kisses and warm socks love.