Sunday, 30 October 2011

first blog/ planning my wedding

 This blog comes under another name for me. That name, is procrastination.
I had a blog, as many of us have, on another site. Its so irrelevant to my life now, its been so many years since i actually wrote anything in it, i thought i'd start a new one...well...kind of...
In actual fact i'm supposed to be planning my wedding, looking online at site after site of crap that i don't want, searching for the specific things i want to my colour scheme. And i got bored. so this happened...
I have actually been meaning to start another blog for awhile, but me meaning to do things is a regular occurrence. i have lists of lists written on my lists of things i need to do. I used to set aside a few hours a week to make my phone calls, write my emails, update my things what need updating. But my life is so erratic now that i just don't have the routine to do such tasks. i do have time, don't get me wrong. i just don't do it.The is something in that routine thing people talk about.
you know where you are for a start. what you're doing, who you're doing it with. Living by the seat of your skinny jeans may seen like a good idea, but you never know whats happening. Don't get me wrong, i also think a rigid routine can be as damaging. ' life gets in the way when you're making plans' as they say, and if you know exactly what you're doing at every single given moment, something will crop up you haven't accounted for, and throw the whole thing out of whack.
Basically, have a routine, plan plans but dont live your whole life by it. I think an insecure person lives by strict routine, same as a disfunctional one lives by spontaneity.
On the subject of wedding planning, sort of anyway, its bloody hard!!!
My glamorous sister Twiggy, planned hers in 4 months. FOUR. how? I have absolutely no idea what i'm doing, who i'm inviting or what we're eating. These are the things i do know:
1. Its a goth wedding with a red/black theme.
2. There will be no alcohol served at dinner.
3. said dinner is 2 courses, not 3.
4. i will be offending people, as i'm not inviting alot of people.
5. There is nearly as many people involved in the actual wedding as there is guests in total.
6. i want a guitar not a piano as i walk down the aisle.
7. i want burlesque dancers.
8. only children who share mine/my fiance's DNA are invited.

That's actually not so bad now i have it written down. i've chosen my dress, the bridesmaids dresses, the flower girls dress and shoes. We have a photographer, i think anyway, i have a fabulous miss Pinkie doing my hair and i'm doing my own nails.
I am seeing the wedding coordinator on halloween, how fitting, so i will blog back then. until then my beauties, Yaters.

(Ps: All my blogs will be this sized text. I have awful eyesight, and anyone reading could sturggle if it's smaller. if its small, poorly sighted people can't read it, if its big well sighted and poor sighted can read it. win win,)

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