Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ice Breaker Questions...Little Known Stuffs About Me

My fiance Stuart has started himself a blog, and in his first blog post he he answered some icebreaker questions. it was actually a really interesting blog so i thought i'd steal the idea and do it myself. you should read his blog, its very good and i'll link to it below. i'm not just saying its good by the way, it actually is. i was well shocked. not that Stuarts thick or anything, i just didnt know he had any literary skill.

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?
I've my life goal has always been to write a novel and get it published. i'm currently writing a novel. i have actually written a full, 50,000 words novel many years ago, that was destroyed by someone i wont mention. So im now fulfilling my life long dream/goal of writing and, InshAllah, getting my novel published. I will update on the progress of said novel in future blogs.

 If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?
i have two places actually, the first and foremost is Paris, France. All my life i've loved france, the language, the people, the geography. i went once, with my school when i was 14, just for the day. this is the one and only time i've left the UK, it was for about 12 hours and i loved every single nanosecond and i've spent the many years that have followed that day, edging to go back. Paris has always my desired destination, but over the last 6 months i've really wanted to go to Egypt. i want to visit a Muslim country, to hear the Azaan in real life, see everyone rush to prayer, to be surrounded by covered women, and it being the norm rather than the minority. even though i'm not Muslim, as most of you know, i have massive respect and interest in Islam, so to experience it myself would be wonderful

Are you a morning or night person?
I'm a night person, i hate mornings as a rule. well, i hate getting up in the morning, but i love 5am-6am in spring, the fresh crisp air, the silence of traffic, the birds singing and the sun slowly waking up. and a lovely cuppa tea to complete the picture. bliss.
If you had to describe yourself using three words, it would be…
Honest, Loving, and i like to hope, funny.

Who is your favourite Author?
I have two, John Green, author of Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns and his latest book The Fault In Our Stars. The other is Richelle Mead, author of the vampire academy series and the storm queen series, both are absolutely mind blowingly awesome series of books. 

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
it varies. obviously and author, but in addition to that, i'd be a singer or actress. i have no singing ability, and my memory is too rubbish for acting . because there's a reasonable wage in these career choices, i'd use the many monies to go do charity/missionary work in developing countries, building/supply hospitals, provinding health and nutritional care to mothers and young children etc.

What do you most dislike to see in people?
i absolutely despise people being rude and patronising. really hate it. as with most people, if someone is rude to me, i can be rude back. i'm only rude back about 50% of the time, but because i live by my motto : 'you cant expect respect if you don't give it, speak to people how you want to be spoken to' people are not very often rude to me. i just don't give people a reason to be rude to me. so if someone is rude, i'm often so shocked, i just don't say anything. i dont see the need. a week ago, someone i wont name was extremely rude to me from the first sentence. we'd never met before, i had no idea who she was and i was absolutely gobsmacked that she spoke to me like i was naughty child. she was rude and very condesending at the same time, no mean feat, and i was so surprised i literally said nothing. but every so often, someone will be rude or condesending and i will respond in kind. heres a mini story of such an occasion:...
i was taken to a and e with severe pain from my neck down. i had a brain fluid disorder which was causing the pain. my baby's nan took me to the hospital. a doctor, who, Wallahi was called Doctor Seuss, looked straight over the top of my head and practically demanded of my babys nan : 'what is it thats wrong with her?'
my rather surprised baby's nan replied: 'i dont know, you'll have to ask her.' the doctor then proceeded to bend down, and say in the same way you would to a feverish three year old :' do you know whats the matter with you?'
i leaned forward, and in the most patronising voice i possibly could said 'yes. its called benign intracranial hypertension. do you want me to write it down for you?' she promptly stood up, looked at me like she wanted to slap me, and asked me to follow her. she then walked away as quick as she possibly could, with the baby's nan practically running me after her, my wheelchair wheels almost falling off at the unexpected speed.

What do you most love to see in a person?
a truely good heart. seeing someone do something good for stranger, even just holding a door open. one of the people i admire the most is actually someone i am privileged enough to call a friend. Colette genuinely cares for people, she has 4 beautiful daughters, who really are an absolute credit to her, they're polite, honest, intelligent and genuine young ladies, just like their mother. at a time in my life when i really needed someone, she was there, when no one else was, and alot of people were against me. in all my stuggles at that time, she was there, without my even needing to ask, even down to getting me a grant to buy my boys school uniform when i couldn't do afford to. she's now a qualified counsellor and school govenor. i never properly thanked her for everything she did, i'm quite shy in some senarios, but i hope she realises how grateful i am. 

My Fiance Stuarts blog:


  1. What kind of novel are you writing? I just got curious:)

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  3. I truly love your attitude and your soft-hearte you xxx :-)