Saturday, 4 May 2013

Lancome hypnose Drama Mascara

I have used many mascaras. hundreds probably. I'm picky. I've been blessed with naturally long, curled lashes, although they are very pale. I never curl them or wear false lashes, although there are still some non believers out there!
I don't know what tempted me to a high end mascara, but whatever it was, I'm thankful for it!

Lancome Hypnose Drama is my all time favourite mascara. In my opinion, it does exactly as it claims. I will often use two mascaras together, with this there is no need.

 The brush is curved, so you have two sides to use. Using the flat side of the brush first, you wiggle it up the length of your lashes to give them volume and body. Turn over and use the curved side to give great structure and separation of each lash. two coats is all you need!

i absolutely ADORE this mascara BUT.....

its £22.
For me, this is a lot to spend on one mascara. But is it worth it?
i really think it is. from the first time I used to to the last, it really finishes off my make up wonderfully. My lashes are the blackest they've ever been from any mascara I've ever used. it does last too, as you only need a couple of coats ( i usually use four.)
                                         ( very bad photo alert may be needed here...:)

this was 2 coats, done very quickly (its 11.30pm) and you can see how pale and almost invisible they are naturally.

I'm really pleased i bought this again, its as good as i remember and I definitely won't go so long with my favourite product ever again!
it should be available in all good beauty supply stores, but Google is your friend, so check out stockists near you!


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