Friday, 17 May 2013

Ted Baker Star Quality Vanity Case Review

So my Auntie bought me the Ted Baker Star Quality Vanity Case for my birthday, ( which is actually in July, but was given early as I may not see her ) and I LOVE it! Absolutely ADORE it!
                                     How pretty is this vanity case?! it has a jewel!

It has Everything a girl could possibly need to feel beautiful! the case it a decent size and very deep, and the best bit...... it has Products inside!

                                    All the beautiful things!    

                     The vanity case is actually so deep, everything can stand up inside it, and the lid still closes!

When I say it has Everything a girl could need, I really do mean EVERYTHING! Here's what you get inside this beautiful gift set:

                    Gorgeous smelling Bath foam and body wash in matching scents to make you smell like the princess you are.

                  Body scrub to slough off those pesky dry and flaky patches and Body souffle to keep dry skin at bay.

                       Body lotion and hand lotion to soften and smooth.

From the minute to step in the bath to the moment you're clean and dry, this gift set has you covered! All the products are matching in scent, so there's no need to worry about a clash of smells. The scent is gorgeous, I can't describe it other than its a grown up, subtle and luxurious smell that really does make you smell and feel so fresh and clean! 
The whole set usually retails at £45, but I've found it on Ebay  for as little as £25 including postage!
I really think its worth the money, its a beautiful set, chock full of gorgeous full sized products, and the case is fantastic, reusable and useful and absolutely stunning!

I'm very grateful that my wonderful Auntie got this for me as a gift, and i really recommend it to all my lovelies and gentlefish, as a gift for birthdays, Eid, Christmas ( never too early to prepare and stock up after all!) or as a treat for yourself! Why not? You deserve it :)

I hope you found this review useful,  click  Here to go to Ebay listings, or simply Google to search in your country :)
I really can't rave enough about this gift set, so I'm going to be doing a video review too! Check out my youtube channel to see when the review is up, and in the mean time, feel free to watch my other videos and maybe subscribe too if you feel so inclined  :)
( i will edit/post a link to the video once its live)

Hope everyone is well, Be Good to Each other.


  1. Hey niecelet, just enjoyed reading your review of pressie.Good work and pretty site :) much love Aunty S X

  2. why thanks :) i love it thought i just have to share with the world and my lovelies :)
    love lots x