Wednesday, 9 November 2011

oh my days..

I have never felt so ill in all my life.
I may have jinxed myself by putting a jokey status on facebook that i was 'dying of death'. i woke up yesterday afternoon actually thinking i was dying. it took me two hours to actually inhale any ventolin, as soon as i breathed in i coughed it straight back out. i had chest pain, a high temperature but was freezing under two duvets, i violently threw up all over my carpet and the pain in my hips and legs was like I'd been hit by a car.
The doctor came out: i have flu. proper flu, not 'i have flu but its actually a bad cold.'  He gave me strong antibiotics and anti sickness tablets. the pain in my legs was so bad and i could even lift my arms up. there really isn't words to describe how ill i felt. i couldn't even cry properly, i didn't even have the energy for tears.

I'm feeling alot better today though. I'm on so much co-codamol, antibiotics and cough syrup I'm barely here but I'm not on deaths door. my chest feels like i've got a band wrapped round it, and my head hurts but by temperature and pain is loads better.

Probably wont blog for a few days now, want to recover properly. But i know i'm getting my flu jab as soon as i'm recovered!!

Love Love And Yaters.

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