Friday, 25 November 2011

Life on Youtube.

Wow. Vlogging is ALOT harder than it looks!!! All those really basic, straight through, no edit videos thats looks simple: Well, they ain't. I'm uploading my third, and probably most important video, ''Why i wear Hijab.''
I wrote out a very 'loose' script, and managed to balance it in front of me so i could remember exactly what points i wanted to make etc.
i made a comment at the beginning, that i said i would elaborate on. about 3/4 through the video, i should've made the point.
i didnt.
i forgot.
oh no...
straight through, one take on a 10 minute video and i had to start the whole thing for the sake of 45 seconds.
and just as i'm finishing up and saying goodbye, the cat climbs on me. he'd been looking at me suspiciously for the whole video, and decided to make his attack right at the end.
so everyone gets to see my open mouthed laugh as a special bonus!
i also filmed another video, another tag i wasn't tagged in. hubby to be had taken the boys out to dinner so i could film undisturbed, so i took advantage of the quiet!
i was going to add an OOTD to this blog but totally forgot to take a picture, so sorry!
i hope everyone enjoyed thanksgiving, and has a fabulous weekend!
laters xxx

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