Thursday, 17 November 2011

So far, not so good...

Trying to film a video while recovering from flu, not so easy. i am Admant that i'm gonna do this video tonight though, even if it kills me!
part of it is guilt, that i told sister amena that i'd do the video 'this weekend'. that was a month ago almost! I'm sure she has much more important things to worry about, but if i say i'm going to do something i feel like i should do it, i'm that kind of person.

One cheery up thing in a day of not so greatness * there's other things i wont write about* was mspraisegirl1's video, mentioning me. that was really appriciated and much loved that you would take out the time to mention your subscribers :D

so anyway, a new video should be up tomorrow, i'm going to film tonight. forgive me if its not perfect, i'm tired, its 2.25AM and i'm recovering still. 
Hope everyone is well, and i'll see you all soon. xxx

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